Packed milk

PACKAGING is your in-store sales person, which must attract, influence and get consumer confidence in less than 5 seconds. Over 60% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sales.

Packing chips
Packing glue
Packing sweet
Packing gum
  • 66% of consumers said they have tried a new product because of the packaging.
  • 74% of youth would share an image of product packaging through social media
  • 52% of online shoppers say they would shop again from a business if it included premium packaging.
Packing rice
Packing rice
Maida aata

On the average, local kirana shop and supermarket trip consumers are exposed from 50 to over 5,000 different products all vying for attention. From tapping into consumer subconscious to value-added functionality, packaging design can be a powerful marketing tool. It is the product identity, which single most job is to attract, influence and get consumer confidence to purchase against competing products.

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